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Sharon E. Martin, MD PhD
1626 Davis Lane, Hustontown, PA United States 17229 
Telephone (717)-658-2266

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Luminous Energy Field

Over thousands of years, the ancient mystics and medicine men and women understood that our human form had an energy component. These healers and spiritual leaders saw the energy body shaped as a luminous egg or sphere around us. The Tibetan and Hindu masters described the entry points to our field as chakras. They believed that the energy body is where our awareness, consciousness, and Soul reside.

The imprints of past interactions, emotional and physical, pleasurable and traumatic, from this lifetime and others, are held in this field. Because our Soul connects to Spirit through this field, the clearer our field, the stronger the connection. As we are not separate from the Universe, our fields are one, and this connection is where we cocreate our world.

We and our Earth are at a critical point in our evolution. I believe that it is imperative that we learn a new way of being, and that we hold a higher vibration to heal ourselves and our planet. A healed luminous field is our ticket to manifesting our new world.